The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh
The Films of George A Romero [Signed, Limited Edition]

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Zombie Gem

28 Maggio 2018 da James W 0

If your into all things George A. ROMERO Tthan this book is a must have, must read. Fair warning its much more about film making, independent film making than a blood. And gore book. ROMERO GOES into detail of his earlier films. Probably his best in my opinion. It came out in 1987 had no idea at the time other than a small cameo George Romero was in, where he was autographing the book, probably in Pittsburgh or the infamous Monroeville mall. If your looking for an autographed copy be sure its authentic. . Very expensive used book. Hard to find. Not sure about the cost on Amazon? Either way if you come across it at an estate sale, garage sale, used book store. . It is gold.

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